2012 - In review

Another 366 days are behind, well, almost, I doubt anything major will happen in the next day or so, which is a big contrast to the year as a whole. Taking the risk of sounding like a cliché - the year was the best I've had, most interesting, most productive, most rewarding thus far.

So what did I do, see or think about?

Being productive

Being an Objective-C developer in 2012 has been something I didn't even dream of a few years ago. In the last 12 months I've worked on various different things from various places, of my own apps, Pargi went free and has been doing extremely well ever since, it has been used an amazing 120,000 times to park a car in Estonia this year.

Of projects I worked on this year, most memorable was probably spending a month in the U.S. helping to build v1.0 of Paystik's iOS app. I can't overstate how proud I am of the work we achieved in that short span of time and how exciting it has been to be part of something this interesting. Not only has it been technically interesting, it has also been an inside look into how a business starts off. I'm super excited about the new version of the app, it was mentioned on TechCrunch and I can't wait to hear from James and Mary how the launch went over the holiday period.

The really big thing however, was starting my internship at Skype as a Mac developer. For quite some time I had wished to try my hand at developing apps for OS X as well as for iOS and I can't think of a better place to do this than at Skype.

Being about half-way into my one year internship, I can say that this experience has been second to none. Being surrounded by engineers, who are as passionate (if not more) about writing code that changes people's lives, has taught me to pay attention to details and aspects of programming I rarely thought about before. For example, I've become really interested in making applications accessible to everyone. Being at a place like Skype has given me so much energy and output, it feels awesome to know I helped write some part of an application that will be used by millions. Which reminds me, 2013 has plenty of surprises in store...

Being friendly

After being away from home for the majority of 2011 it has been good to spend some time back in Estonia. It has been great to be involved with friends back home, who otherwise would've received far less attention than they deserve. Relationships are important and important ones (friends & family) are thus twice as important, so I'm glad 2012 has given me time to reconnect with old friends, while making new ones, there's nothing better than being surrounded by interesting people who never cease to amaze.

In order for this not to turn into some cheesy "rom-com" plot about friendship, I'll end this part with a mental note - movie marathons are fun, but can be tiring on both mind and body, especially if done in costume.


Having looked back at 2012, what's in store for 2013? First of all, I hope next year will bring even more opportunities to expand myself professionally, I'm working on a small side-project that I hope will surface in 2013 and I already know I'm going to enjoy the time I have at Skype. Secondly, I hope in 2013 my path will cross with even more people, perhaps another Garage48 or some other conference or meet-up, who knows.

To keep it short, 2012 > 2011, now let's hope 2013 > 2012 for all of us.